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Jeff and Rose Webb

Jeff and Rose Webb

We are Jeff and Rose Webb, proud owners of Mini Kennels. We live on a beautiful, scenic seventy acres in the moutains of Beautiful British Columbia. We are blessed with 8 wonderful children and various other interesting creatures. Tour the farm to see the outstanding variety, and visit Family News for updates on the kids.

Other than our dogs, we are involved in various other things:
Jeff and Rose are both stay-at-home parents and are both involved in the homeschooling of our son, Whitney (13), and daughter, Destiny (15). Jeff’s interests include animals such as llamas, goats and birds of all shapes and sizes, as well as gardening.

Rose’s interests include spirited horses, journally, singing and song writing. In 1995 she released her debut recording titled Where I Belong followed by a second one in 1999, Enter the Creator.

We enjoy being involved in church and community activities any time we can as well. Recently we have partnered with our pastor to begin a Saturday evening service called “Grace Gathering.”

Our oldest daughter, Jesse, lives with her partner, Jon and is currently living and running her own business in Windsor, Ontario. She is the one responsible for this beautiful website. Our oldest son, Denver is married to Cara and they are living and working in Kitimat. They are also the proud parents of our first two grandbabies, Yavanna and Kinley. Our daughter, Dixie, is taking her S.E.A training and living in Abbotsford for the next 8 months. Our son, Hiram is married to Diandra,  living and working in Kitimat.  Salem recently married Brittny and they are living and working in Kitimat as well. Carson married Emma and they live in Smithers, managing the Florence Motel. Destiny and Whitney are at home and homeschooling again this year. Tanis Fuller (16) recently joined our family and attends school at HSS.

Mini Kennels began in the spring of 2003. Our first dogs were Mini and daughters Bernita and Beauty, and a pomeranian male named Moki. Before this time, we had raised and sold Mini’s puppies “just for fun,” but in 2003 we decided to expand and start a serious family home-based business. Today we have aproximately 6 different breed types, including Pomeranian, Poodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Maltese, Cockapoo and mixes of some of these breeds such as Morkie, Maltipoo and Pomchi .

We are passionate about what we do. Our dogs are healthy, hardy and receive the best of care. With the help of our excellent veterinarian, we are learning new things every day. Each dog is vaccinated and worming is done on a regular basis. Jeff does an excellent job with the grooming to keep everyone looking their best.

We hope you enjoy our Mini Kennels site. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to email us, or come on over for a visit!