Female Chihuahuas

Mini’s Calypsa

Calypsa is a daughter of Lilac and Dante. Expected to mature at about 6 lbs. she has her mother’s solid build, dominant personality, and brindle coloring. At the same time she has her father’s elegant features and more shy temperament.


Mini’s Pepper

Pepper is a daughter of Mocha and Tigger. She is a unique chocolate brindle in her coloring, a solid build and weighs 6 lbs. She has an outgoing personality, without being pushy for attention.

Pepper at 6 months.

Mini’s Shiloh

Daughter of Meadow and Amigo. Tiny of build with a calm, quiet, friendly manner, Shiloh is everything I could ask for in a Chihuahua.

Blue and tan with brindle markings


Mini’s Dominica

Daughter of Liberty and Tex, Dominica is tiny at 4 lbs., and delightfully playful and fun-loving.

White with blue markings