Female Cockapoos


Cocker Spaniel
Roxy is a very mild natured American Cocker Spaniel, lacking the nervousness that is so common to the breed. She weighs 25 lbs. and is 13 1/2 inches tall. The hunting instinct is still very strong and she loves nothing better than a good romp in the woods with her favorite person. We have never known her to have any health issues and after many happy years, she is nearing retirement. We consider Roxy to be an excellent foundation for the future generations of Cockapoos bred here at Mini Kennels.

Roxy - Female Cocker Spaniel

Roxy – Female Cocker Spaniel

Update: Roxy has since retired to a wonderful family home where she is dearly loved. Thanks Nancy for taking her into your heart and your home.

Roxy - Female Cocker Spaniel



Mini’s Abby and Ariel

Abby and Ariel are two sisters out of Roxy and Toby. They have their mother’s personality and are calm and affectionate. Just how do we tell them apart? Well,  uh, let’s see….the clip! That’s it, the clip!

Sisters, Abby and Ariel

Toby (Toy Poodle) – Abby and Ariel’s sire

Mini’s Sadie LadyDaughter of Abby and Randy, Sadie is a second generation Cockapoo with a happy, bouncy personality and short stocky build.


White with red patches, Blossom is a breath of fresh air around here with her vibrant color and bouncy, happy-go-lucky attitude. She is taller, like Marley and we are eager to see what they produce in the near future.