Female Long Haired Chihuahuas

Mini’s Chichi

Chichi is 5 lbs. of raw energy! She is taking the torch from her mother, Gypsy and running with it!


 Mini’s Onya

Daughter of Sookie and Tex, Onya is the best of both worlds. Her silky-soft fur will likely be non-shedding as both of her parents are likewise. Very submissive with her people, she is not so much so with her canine companions.




Mini’s Aliyah

Aliyah is out of Shalom and Kujo, so she is actually a Pomchi and will produce more of the same popular cross.




    Mini’s Sookie

Sookie means joy and she is aptly named. Her best friend is Liberty and they play together with such gusto it is a joy to behold. Her coat is very thick and full.

Mini’s Sookie – blue parti


Baby Sookie

Show pose but a little camera shy…