Female Pomeranians

 Mini’s Mystique

Daughter of Holli and Kodi, this little girl hold lots of promise.Her coat is exceptionally thick and full, making her look a fair bit bigger than she really is.

Baby Mystique


Mini’s Phantom

7 lbs. of high energy and a very outgoing, friendly personality to go with it. Phantom is a daughter of Polar and Breeze.


A rare moment of stillness?

Mini’s Phoebe

Daughter of Brooke and Polar, Phoebe is a little bit on the timid side for a Pomeranian. Much more mellow natured than her older 1/2 sister, Phantom, she is content to be more in the background, just minding her own business.

Her thick fur and her gentle, quiet nature are her outstanding qualities.

Mini’s Paige

Daughter of Luba and Polar, Paige has her father’s energy and personality with her mother’s delicate beauty. A winning combination!

Mini’s Laavey – “Lovey”

Daughter of Misty and Chipper, Lavey started out blue as a puppy, then went lavender (from whense her name) and is now a rich red, very like her sire. Tiny and compact, everyone loves Laavey.

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