Female Poodles

Mini’s Firefly

Daughter of Ember and Timmy, Firefly has real promise to carry on her mother’s wonderful temperament and her father’s golden/red coloring. Her size is closer to the Miniature and she weighs just over 8 lbs. in her gangly teenage stage.

Mini’s Ebby

Daughter of Cuddles and Timmy. Maturing at 6-7 lbs. and fawn and blue in color, Ebby will be doing a fine job replacing her mother in the near future.



 Mini’s Shawnee

Shawnee is a very pretty toy poodle – cream in color with a very sweet mellow nature.

She is the daughter of Penny and Jordy and has matured at 5 lbs.

Soaking up the fall sunshine

Elegant and beautiful

 Mini’s Ashley

Daughter of Ember and Rocky, Ashley has the solid body build (8 1/2 lbs.) of the miniature poodle but the small size of the toy. She is producing some of our finest Maltipoo puppies with wonderful bouncy, and over-the-top friendly personalities.


 Mini’s Staci

Daughter of Luna and Rocky, this little girl has her mother’s quiet nature and promises good things to come. Maturing at 5 – 6 lbs.

 Mini’s Miska

Daughter of Penny and Rocky, Miska is a very happy outgoing little girl.  She will mature at about 6 lbs. and is a unique black and red phantom color.

Pretty as a picture


Mini’s Vinny

Vinny is a 5 lb. white poodle with a very adventurous personality.