Female Yorkies

Mini’s Chantrelle – “Stubby”

Tiny little Yorkie with a very sweet nature, stubby is sure the world revolves around her – and maybe it just does…


Zanna is a bigger Yorkie, expected to mature around 6-8 lbs. She has a calm nature and with her slightly large size and blue coloring, we are expecting great things from her.

Zanna – Lovely ladyBeautiful blue overtones


Beautiful blue highlights

Mini’s Kadence

Recent daughter of Zanna and Bailey.

Mini’s Rahi

Daughter of Brea and Zack. Weighing 7 lbs. Rahi is a very friendly little girl who is less aggressive than the average Yorkie. Very sweet natured and an excellent mother, she will no doubt produce some of our finest Yorkies here at Mini Kennels.

Mini’s Rhesa

Sister to Rahi, Rhesa is not to be outdone by her sister.

Mini’s Tahli

Daughter of Zanna and Bailey, Tahli is her father’s image.

Do you think I need a hair cut?